Come and Hunt with me

Olvass bele!

Those who like Nature can find exciting stories in this book about hunting. The author collected his experiences beginning from his childhood, when he first got in closer contact with hunting and shared it with the reader in the way, that they can feel the ‘pulse’ of the time and feel the smell of the corn fields, the moorland and reeds, the rivers and creeks where his hunting took place. For the lovers of exotic experiences he also describes how they prepared to hunt for Siberian foxes and what devices they used in the polar cold to get the GAZ 69 car go. When reading the book you can face your own thoughts and emotions, everyday happiness and sorrows as they are reflected by the writer. You can also get to know quite a lot of people, from California to the world of the mysterious Taiga, and of course the Hungarian way of life as it is indicated in their hunting habits. A kind of proximity between the faithful companion of the people, the dogs, and their owners is also expressed by Laslo, who describes in an amazing way how the four legged fellows react to human feelings, concerns and their everyday lives. So, if you really want to get closer to the Nature and intend to understand more about yourself and the behavior of your mates, this book is written for you. Read it and have real pleasure.

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