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Christianity and Human Rights

Koltay András (szerk.)

Kiadó : Ludovika

384 oldal

Megjelenés éve : 2021

ISBN 9789635314812

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In Europe, Christianity played a crucial role in the development of the concept of freedom. However, the creation of the human rights construct has primarily been formulated as an achievement of the Enlightenment, viewing the ideals of Christianity as a spiritual current and social organising force that restricts the freedom of the individual. The essays collected in this volume clearly show that the intertwining of culture, values, law and religion, especially Christianity, constitutes a special area of legal studies, and this is a research field which requires much fuller exploration. The individual papers focus on the legal questions raised by liberties, such as the right to human dignity and to the freedom of expression, religion and thought. All the authors contributing to this volume are academics from Hungary, and their papers are statements in a very timely and highly debated issue, which is of utmost importance, not only in their home country, but also in all Europe.


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